Climate change impact : Regional scenario


  • U. S. DE



Global warming, Regional climate variability, Impact assessment, Tropical forest cover, Green house gas emission, Sustainable water management


Climate change and global warming are going to be the major issues for the 21st  century. Their impacts on agriculture, water availability and other natural resources are of serious concern. The paper briefly summarizes the existing information on global warming, past climatic anomalies and occurrence of extreme events vis-a-vis their impact on south Asia in general and Indian in particular. Use of GCM models in conjunction with crop simulation models for impact assessment in agriculture are briefly touched upon. The impact on hydrosphere in terms of water availability and on the forests in India are also discussed. A major shift in our policy makers paradigm is needed to make development sustainable in the face of climate change, global warming and sea level rise.




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U. S. . DE, “Climate change impact : Regional scenario”, MAUSAM, vol. 52, no. 1, pp. 201–212, Jan. 2001.



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