Inter-annual and intra-seasonal variation of some characteristics of monsoon disturbances formed over the Bay


  • S. K. DASH



Monsoon disturbances, Inter-annual variation, Intra-seasonal variation, Strong monsoon, Weak monsoon, Break monsoon, Indian seasonal monsoon rainfall (ISMR), Monsoon trough, Drought, Flood


The characteristics of monsoon disturbances during drought and flood years for the period 1971-96 are studied to find out their inter-annual variations. Variations of some of the characteristics of monsoon disturbances formed over Bay during 1979-88, with respect to different monsoon conditions such as strong, weak and break monsoons, are also studied. The results show that monsoon disturbance days are higher during flood years than during drought years. Drought years are associated with higher chances of low pressure areas to intensity into depressions, less westward movement, more horizontal extent, intense pressure departure from normal in comparison with flood years. However, more monsoon disturbances tilt significantly during flood years. The rainfall associated with these disturbances is highly variable and does not depend on the density, horizontal and vertical extent of the individual system. More number of lows intensify into depressions during strong monsoon conditions compared to those of weak monsoon conditions. Lows and depressions during strong monsoons have more westward movement and longer life period. Generally, very few lows form during break monsoon and none of them intensify into depression. Hence, the presence of mid-tropospheric heating during strong and weak monsoons is essential for the formation of depression. Synoptic systems which abate break monsoon condition and re-establish normal monsoon are also discussed.




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J. R. KUMAR and S. K. . DASH, “Inter-annual and intra-seasonal variation of some characteristics of monsoon disturbances formed over the Bay”, MAUSAM, vol. 50, no. 1, pp. 55–62, Jan. 1999.



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